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Developed by chefs. Handcrafted in Italy. Explore the next level of culinary performance.

Made In Italy

Just like anything in the kitchen, to create exceptional cookware, you must begin with exceptional ingredients. So we built our factories in Italy to ensure every vessel is crafted with the world’s best materials, machinery and hands at work.


Revolutionary cooking surface is 4X stronger and 5X the lifespan of typical stainless



Pure copper core protected by 5-layer construction gives you the incomparable heat conduction and control of copper



Tri-ply body and responsive pure aluminum core for maximum durability and fast, even heat distribution.



Find the perfect cooking vessel for every need

Skillets & Fry Pans

Great for steak, eggs and anything fried.


Sauté Pans

Great for saucy dishes when skillets aren't deep enough.



Great for stewing, simmering and boiling water.


Stock Pots

Great for large family pasta dinners.



Great for more than just stir fry - try braising, steaming and roasting.


Essential Pans

Great for almost anything - it's the perfect all-in-one pan.


Professional performance. Lasting Beauty.

Why Hestan Culinary?

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The greatest chefs rely on hestan

Chef-Proven Performance

When you’re cooking hundreds of dishes a night, every detail matters. That’s why we worked with chefs to reimagine and redesign cookware. They needed cookware that would not only live up to their exacting standards of performance, but would hold up to the demands of a professional kitchen – and still look beautiful for the next shift.

Hear from some of the world's greatest chefs

It's so great to be able to collaborate with a company that is both interested and invested in a chef's perspective on functionality and usability.

Chef Timothy Hollingsworth | Executive Chef/Owner – Otium

You achieve maximum flavor in cooking when you start with the best products and pay attention to the details. Hestan embodies this ethos with innovative cookware crafted in Italy from the finest materials. 

Chef Matthew Accarrino | SPQR, San Francisco

Two things stand out about NanoBond - the weight feels lighter and it conducts heat more efficiently than other stainless steel.

Chef Corey Lee | Benu & In Situ, San Francisco

I love the CopperBond -  it delivers on consistency and performance - and it's strikingly beautiful on any stovetop. A true showpiece.

Chef Allison Osario | The School of Quenelle

Hestan offers the most responsive, durable and beautiful cookware for chefs and home cooks.

Chef Thomas Keller | The French Laundry, Yountville